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  • In 2014 he obtained the first place twice in a row (first and second semester) in the jazz pianists competition organized by Faculty of Music of Javeriana University. 

  • That very year, he was the winner for the Master Classes Opening in the 9th International Music festival in Cartagena.

  • In 2015 he was the winner in the series: Young interpreters and for second time he won the Luis Angel Arango’s Bank of the Republic Opening, and it was the very first time in the Call’s History that there was a Solo Jazz Pianist who actually won the Jazz Category.

  • In 2016 he goes again to the Young Interpreters Call and for Second time, he wins the Luis Angel Arango’s Bank of the Republic Open Call, this time presenting a Jazz concert in the improvising category.

  • In 2017 Huila’s State Assembly exalted him with “Orden Cacique Timanco” for elevating Huila’s State Name in Colombia.

  • In 2017 at his short age and wide path, Pastrana is invited by Bogota District to take part in the district salsa orchestra for the homage of Salsa al Parque 20th birthday.

  • In 2018 he wins with The Bara Group in the 30th Teatro Libre international jazz festival where he was awarded with a Steinway & Sons Piano.

  • In 2018 he won in Colombia al Parque festival with Singer Maria Escobar’s Group where he is pianist, arranger and Musical director.

  • In 2018 he was the winner of the call for making part of Bogota Big Band 2018-2019.

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